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About Jayczee17: About my name: JOYCE Though usually used as a feminine name today, Joyce is a traditionally masculine name. It derives from an old Breton name meaning "Lord" or "experienced in battle." CZARINA Feminine form of Czar; the Russian equivalent of a female Caesar or an empress; Female Ruler. The meaning of Czar is "Caesar, emperor". Ceasar is a title of imperial character. The change from being a familial name to an imperial title can be loosely dated to AD 68/69, the so-called "Year of the Four Emperors". Also a title of Roman Emperors. My originial surname was Go. Then came here in US and my mom was married to an american so it changed to Sanderson :P. Ethnicity: Half European Spanish Half Chinese. But I was born in Philippines. I'm an anime fanatic. Yaoi/BL addict but I love anime as a whole. I'm also a shounen lover and action genre. Yes I love fighting scenes hehe ;). What I love the MOST ---> BISHOUNEN ahehehe. I guess that's all about me :P Facebook: Twitter (tho i'm not using it i just made it out of whim):!/Aia_Chan MyAnimeList: